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Powerful Data Access Layer Code Generation For .NET

There are few areas of software development more tedious and error prone than writing data access layer code. There are also few areas of software development that lend themselves so well to computer assistance. Numerous tools and techniques have been devised to assist with this effort. Microsoft Visual Studio itself has a number of tools built in.

Most of the tools on the market suffer from one of several maladies. Many tools are written to the lowest common denominators of functionality of the data sources they support and either fail to take advantage of some of the advanced features of the database or fail to support some of the less common data types. Other tools are written to be the swiss army knife of code generation and are consequently overly complex to learn and use for the developer that wants to hit the ground running and get the job done in a simple, direct fashion.

Schematrix SchemaCoder has been created to help alleviate many of the issues found with other tools and to help the developer get the job done faster and more reliably than if it were done "the old-fashioned way". Code generation is all the rage these days for many good reasons. With Schematrix SchemaCoder, you will experience all the following:

  • Huge Time Savings – Manually creating data access code takes time and a lot of it. Schematrix SchemaCoder creates both the necessary SQL code (Dynamic or Stored Procedures) and the .NET code (C# or VB.Net) for calling it. The cost of a Schematrix SchemaCoder license is generally less than a single day’s salary for a developer and can easily pay for itself within the first week of use.
  • Higher Code Quality – Writing data access code is tedious and error prone. Remembering and manually typing column names is pure drudgery. Many errors cannot be detected by compilers and will go unnoticed until runtime. Automating as much of this type of code as possible greatly lessens these types of errors.
  • Faster Time-To-Market – By automating the data access layer code, developers have much more time to concentrate on the other areas of the application (e.g. user interface and business logic) and can develop better products faster.
  • Consistency – Without extremely rigid and difficult to enforce development standards, data access code written by different developers will vary in structure and quality, making it difficult to transfer ownership of code from one developer to another. Using Schematrix SchemaCoder will add a high degree of consistency to the data access code and more easily enable code reuse between developers and projects.